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Ozone Mantra M6
MS (80-95 Kg)
CHF 2850
Welcome to Haslital, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland !     



Unfortunately we haven't translated every single piece on our site, but here you'll find the most important information’s about flying at Haslital.

Fly with us!
Paragliding - the easiest way to fly like an eagle. Fly as a passenger on our tandem-paraglider. We welcome all from 4 to 80 and we also fly in wintertime.

The Flights

The "standart" Passengerflight CHF 210.-
Enjoy the 1600m (5250 feet) between take-off and landing in some unforgettable 20 minutes airtime! Ideal for your first flight! Cablecar is included.

The Thermalflight CHF 260.-
Same take-off and landing as for the standart but this time we gone catch some thermals or soar for at least 40 minutes! Perfekt for those who like the little extra! Cablecar is included.

The Winterflight to Bidmi CHF 140.-
This one we offer in wintersaison only. Take-off from Planplatten or Glogghüs and glide down over the snow covered Hasliberg to land at Bidmi. Airtime is approx. 12minutes!
Perfekt to escape from the crowd on the slope! Cablecar is NOT included.

Whole Day-trip CHF 500.-
You can't get enough? Book a Pilot for the whole day! All our pilots know the region very well. So we can offer you the outstanding experience.
Keen for a superlong cross country flight, some air-acrobatics or a hike and fly trip? We can do it all! Cablecar is only included as long as we stay at Hasliberg.

Pictures and short movies CHF 30.-
On all our flights we can do pictures from you with a wide angle actioncam. Your decision to be happy with the pics in your mind or if you need some others to show around and to reactivate your own memories :-)

What to bring?
  · Hiking/trekking shoes or equally
  · A wind protecting jacket (Gore-, Soft-shell or rainjacket will do the job)
  · Cash for the payement after the landing (we can't take cards :-)

How does it works?
Call or email us to ask for space and flyingconditions and then we can meet at Meiringen at the bottomstation of the Meiringen Hasliberg Bahnen or at Hasliberg Reuti or right at the Alpentower Planpatten.

Contact us by email or by phone +41 79 353 23 23
or our Pilots
Philippe: +41 79 831 93 50
Hans:    +41 79 794 86 70

Meeting points:
Meeting Point BMH (bottom station in Meiringen)
Meeting Point Reuti (if you'are already at Hasliberg Reuti)
Meeting Point Planplatten (Restaurant and main Take-off)
Landing Field du Pont (look or the big windsock)